Spiritual Stories from Zhang Zhung with Geshe Sherap Lodoe and Dr. Sangmo Yangri


  • Samstag | 16. Dezember 2023 bis Sonntag | 17. Dezember 2023
  • 14:00
  • Zoom

Online Event | Spiritual Stories from Zhang Zhung with Geshe Sherap Lodoe and Dr. Sangmo Yangri

In Bon Tradition, Spiritual stories are a very traditional form of teaching and it inspires devotees and practitioners to develop and strengthen their faith and devotion in Dharma teaching. Both, Geshe Sherap Lodoe and Dr. Sangmo Yangri agreed on this new season, after the great feedback we received in former year.

Geshela was grown with hearing all this Bon spiritual stories from his spiritual teachers from the very early age of his life.

From the twelve deeds of Buddha Tonpa Shenrap Miwoche

According to the Bon tradition of Tibet, Tonpa Shenrab was not only the founder of the Bon religion but also the first Buddha to appear in the age of vice and misery (Kali Yuga) to subdue the negative forces and liberate the sufferings of all sentient beings. In the twelve deeds, told according to the traditional format, we can read about the major events of Tonpa Shenrab’s life, including how he subdues Guling Mati, Tobu Dodhe, Trishi Wangyal, Dragje Halaratsa and Guber Gyalpo, who attacked him, having been overwhelmed by aversion, jealousy, pride and attachment and his entrance into mahaparinirvana.

The stories are told in Tibetan by Geshe Sherap Lodoe and translated into English by Dr. Sangmo Yangri. Translation from English into German (Florian Bruckmann), other languages are in planning.

Teacher | Geshe Sherap Lodoe and Dr. Sangmo Yangri

Date | 16.+17.12.2023

Time | 14-17.30 (MEZ / CET), 8-11.30 am (NY time)

Location | Zoom

Donation | 25-100 EUR (see below, select Supporter, Regular or Reduced)

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Organizer | Ligmincha Deutschland e.V.

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